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Sunday, January 17, 2010

D&G Summer 2010 Trends

Dolce and Gabbanas 2010 Womenswear collection. I just wanted to point out the reoccuring trends from D&G's collection. Since they are one of the biggest names in the game you should definetly be expecting to see this every where by summer, thats why its important to be first. The thing that is clearly obvious is denim is every where. So the four key items from their collection to look out for would be:
Denim collared shirt. The one feature in the bottom right corner is 30$ from A&E
Brown Boots. If you get ones are fitted around the claves then you can wear them under cuffed jeans like in the pictures. The ones feature are 50$ from target.
Brown Belt. I suggest getting a belt that is the same tone brown as your boots. Also if you can find it cheap enough get two. So you can wear them together over your shirts, dress etc. to give the wide belt look.
Small Neck Scarf. These are a throw back so check your local thrift stores you'll be bound to find alot to choose from. The great thing about these is that they look adorable tied around your neck but can also be doubled as a head band.

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