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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SAG Awards Best/Worst

Lets Start with the BEST:
#6 Lea Michelle: Love this jeweled green color looks excellent with her olive skin tone and dark brown hair The deep V neck front is the perfect amount of skin for a sophisticated sexy look.
#5 Diane Kruger: Not many could pull of this mustard color but it looks lovely on her porcelin skin. The cut is truly breath taking and gives that old hollywood glamour look.
#4 Christina Applegate: This Grecian looking pale grey gown looks absolutely stunning on Christina.
#3 Marion Cotillard: What a beautiful dress truly couture with the perfect amount of feather, lace and draping.
#2 Diana Agron: I loved this dress so much because it gave the old hollywood style a modern feel with the black belt and jeweled trim.
#1 Kate Hudson: No one could argue this one. This dress is absolutely stunning. This backless gown with the jeweled embellishment on the side and the necklace (for lack of better word) hanging down the back its just so elegant and original.

Now for WORST dressed:
#7 Sandra Bullock: Now I love Sandra and the dress isnt all that bad, the shape is flattering. My problem with it is the fact that it looks like someone went crazy with a bedazzler and some royal blue sequins.
#6 Anna Kendrick: two words "Bad Prom"
#5 Anna Paquin: If you look closely at this dress you will notice that the pattern on it looks like it was stolen from an Ed Hardy T-shirt...well at least the shoes go this time.
#4 Mariah Carey: Oh I wish someone would show her how to dress her wonderful figure. The one shoulder cut makes her look like a line backer.
#3 Mariana Klaveno: Not only does she look camouflaged, but with the ruffles and the pleated gauze bottom she could have just walked right out of the 70's.
#2 Meryl Streep: Who shot the table cloth? and are those orange lenses in you sunglasses?
#1 Michelle Monaghan: Although those are a bunch of swirly sequins all over her dress, from a distance they look like snags. This dress is just too asymmetrical for me and the material looks cheap.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

D&G Summer 2010 Trends

Dolce and Gabbanas 2010 Womenswear collection. I just wanted to point out the reoccuring trends from D&G's collection. Since they are one of the biggest names in the game you should definetly be expecting to see this every where by summer, thats why its important to be first. The thing that is clearly obvious is denim is every where. So the four key items from their collection to look out for would be:
Denim collared shirt. The one feature in the bottom right corner is 30$ from A&E
Brown Boots. If you get ones are fitted around the claves then you can wear them under cuffed jeans like in the pictures. The ones feature are 50$ from target.
Brown Belt. I suggest getting a belt that is the same tone brown as your boots. Also if you can find it cheap enough get two. So you can wear them together over your shirts, dress etc. to give the wide belt look.
Small Neck Scarf. These are a throw back so check your local thrift stores you'll be bound to find alot to choose from. The great thing about these is that they look adorable tied around your neck but can also be doubled as a head band.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

DIY Chanel

For this Chanel inspired DIY you will need ribbon scissors and tights. Wrap the ribbon up you leg and fasten with a couple stitches safety pin or some ribbon glue, to hide the seem it may be better to end with the seems down below under your foot. Then simple stick your tights over top and go. The example I show from Chanel is a very girly look, but you could also use black tight and black ribbon or go even funkier with some print ribbon.

Ruched Sleeve DIY

Hot on the runways is the adorable ruched sleeve. Now to convert some of your old fav's into this modern fresh style you will need scissors needle and thread (that matches the fabric) Then you simple pick the best place to place the loose stitch, if there is a seem on the top going down the sleeve it will work best but you can also do it from the under neath or since it will end up being hidden anyway you could stitch on the top without a seem but you do risk holes that way. A loose stitch is a basic stitch that is just spread further apart. Once the stitch is done simply pull the end of the string until you have the desired amount of ruche and tie a knot. The best part about this is the loose stitch can simply be cut loose and you have your old shirt/dress back.